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DEXA Body Composition and Fit3D Scan | RMR and VO2 Max Metabolic Testing
Nutrition Coaching

Find Out What You're Made of!

Whether your goal is a body transformation, weight loss, building muscle, or enhancing your sports performance, we’re here to help. Find out exactly how much body fat (including visceral fat), muscle and bone mass you have so you can fine tune your goals and monitor your progress with DEXA Scan body composition and Fit3D body scan testing.
We also offer Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) tests, VO2 Max testsFood Sensitivity tests and Nutrition Services.
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DEXA and Fit3D Body Scanning

Find out what you’re made of and track your progress from the inside out. Our DEXA body composition scan will measure the bone, body fat, and muscle you have on the inside and our Fit3D will show you exactly how your body is changing on the outside.

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RMR and VO2 Max Metabolic Testing

Understand your metabolism like you never have before and finally take the calorie guesswork out of nutrition and exercise with Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and VO2 Max testing.

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Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Services are different. We use your scan and test results to accurately create a plan for your unique body and goals. Choose from nutrition plans, complete coaching services, or customizable consultations.

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Supplements and Peptides

We carefully selected our supplement supplier and even more carefully chose our partner for the emerging market of peptide therapy. We are excited and confident to offer peptide therapy in partnership with our Medical Director, Dr. Paul Thompson.

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