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DEXA Body Composition and Fit3D Scan | RMR and VO2 Max Metabolic Testing
Nutrition Coaching

Find Out What You're Made of!

Whether your goal is a body transformation, weight loss, building muscle, or enhancing your sports performance, we’re here to help. Find out exactly how much body fat (including visceral fat), muscle and bone mass you have so you can fine tune your goals and monitor your progress with DEXA Scan body composition and Fit3D body scan testing.
We also offer Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) tests, VO2 Max testsFood Sensitivity tests and Nutrition Services.
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DEXA and Fit3D Body Scanning

Find out what you’re made of and track your progress from the inside out. Our DEXA body composition scan will measure the bone, body fat, and muscle you have on the inside and our Fit3D will show you exactly how your body is changing on the outside.

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RMR and VO2 Max Metabolic Testing

Understand your metabolism like you never have before and finally take the calorie guesswork out of nutrition and exercise with Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and VO2 Max testing.

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Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Services are different. Our Certified Nutritionist creates Nutrition Plans that are unique and based on your personalized data and test results rather than generic plans or guesswork. Choose from nutrition plans, join our one-on-one coaching membership program, or add a coaching session to any appointment to learn how to take action on your test results.

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Nutritional Supplements

We proudly partner with Thorne to offer pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. Select from carefully selected bundles to support fat loss, athletic performance, metabolic health and more. Live Lean Rx Houston customers save up to 20% on all supplement purchases!

Who We Are

Live Lean Rx Houston is a state of the art fitness and wellness testing center located in the heart of Clear Lake and serving Houston and the surrounding areas. We built Live Lean Rx Houston with a focus on bringing clinical grade technology not only to elite and professional athletes but to everyone. You’ll experience our core values during every experience with us. Those values include:

  • Science Based – We value data and evidence over diet fads and trends.
  • Prevention – We believe technology that helps improve health and wellness should be available before illness sets in, not just after.
  • Affordability – Gold standard technology doesn’t need to be expensive. We keep our costs low so we can keep prices within reach for as many people as possible.
  • Customer Focus – We understand that every client has a unique background, challenges, and goals and we provide a personalized experience for every customer.
  • Partnership – We have built a network of partnerships with medical care providers, gyms, personal trainers, and even competitive bodybuilding coaches you can trust so that you can easy find and access the resources you need to accomplish your goals.
Who We Serve

We support clients from a variety of backgrounds, including extreme weight loss, endurance athletes, bodybuilders, and general fitness enthusiasts and adventurists. These services were once only available to elite athletes or to patients in clinical settings. Our clients come from local communities like League City, Webster, Pearland and Friendswood as well as all corners of the greater Houston area, including Midtown, the Heights, Katy, Kirby, Cypress, Tomball, and Humble!

A New Approach to Weight Loss

If you’re ready to transform your body, then we are ready to help! We offer a variety of nutrition services to support your goals with answers, encouragement, and accountability from our Certified Nutritionist. Choose from individual coaching sessions that you can schedule anytime (try pairing a session with your next test!), personalized macro plans and recommendations based on your lifestyle and test results, or membership in our full Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Membership for daily one-on-one support!

Become a Member!

Live Lean Rx Houston offers a variety of memberships designed to provide you with the right tests on the right schedule and at the right price. Members receive discounted tests and Fit3D scans and our best discounts on Thorne nutritional supplements! Starting as low as $30 per month, we offer a membership program for everyone. Choose from:

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