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Schedule your appointment now, pay when you come in! You will get an immediate email confirmation and a text reminder 2 days before your appointment. If you cannot find a time you like or need assistance scheduling, please text or call us at 281-241-7125 and we will be happy to help or make your appointment!

Please let us know if you need to reschedule or cancel 24 hours in advance, we’ll be happy to take care of you! Though we never charge for reschedule or cancellation fees, we will ask you to pay in advance for the next appointment if rescheduled or cancelled without 24 hr notice.

  1. Select your appointment type. Fit3D is included with all DEXA and Combo Packages.
  2. Choose the day you would like to come in.
  3. Hit search and select a time that works best for you!

Please Note…

  • If you just want a single DEXA+Fit3D Combo, or any of our 2-4-6 DEXA+Fit3D multi-packs, schedule a single DEXA + Fit3D Combo for your first appointment. When you come in, we’ll apply all Specials or Multi-Packs you want with discounts at checkout!
  • The RMR test requires 8 hours minimum of fasting and no stimulants including caffeine.
  • The VO2 Max test is a treadmill exercise test. Dress in workout attire and be capable of  doing a cardio exercise workout.
  • If you need further help selecting any of our test or have questions about our deals, text us at 281-241-7125 and we’ll quickly answer!
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