Live Lean Rx Houston Food Sensitivity Testing

Your well being, comfort and overall happiness can be directly impacted by the foods you’re consuming on a daily basis. Until you understand just how sensitive you are to particular food types, it’s impossible to know if you’re feeling as good as you can. Our food sensitivity tests will identify foods to avoid and what foods work best with you to further optimize your nutrition.

We offer two different food sensitivity tests from Alletess. Our 96 Comprehensive Food Panel, IgG, IgA and our 184 Comprehensive Food Panel, IgG, IgA. These two test come with a comprehensive wellness report to better understand how to not only protect yourself, but change your eating regimens to improve your overall health.

Live Lean Rx Houston is excited to offer these high quality test from Alletess Medical Laboratory. Alletess has been a leader in the field of allergy and immunology testing for over 38 years that specializes in food allergy, food sensitivity testing and other lab tests to assess the immune system. They are not sold over-the-counter, online or in retail stores. They do require a physician’s order that we seamlessly process for you and is included in the price.

The test require a small finger sticks which you may do at home or we will assist you in our office. Book online and schedule your appointment or if you need more information text or call us 281-241-7125.

Live Lean Rx - Alletess Food Sensitivity Tests
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