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Welcome to a New Era in Human Performance

At Live Lean Rx Houston, our health and fitness testing center will help you meet your health, fitness, and nutrition goals with comprehensive, clinical-caliber testing services. We offer a variety of professional testing services including DEXA Body Composition Scans, Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR), VO2 Max Test, Fit3D Body Scan, and Food Sensitivity Testing to accurately pinpoint your personal needs and provide valuable insight to create a stronger workout or nutritional plan for a more fit you. We believe in measuring over guessing.  The services we offer are widely available to college and professional athletes and also found in sports performance and medical weight loss clinics. It is our passion to affordably bring these services to the general public for real results.

We are in the heart of Clear Lake at 17000 El Camino Real, Suite 104C, Houston TX 77058. If you’re interested in learning more, message us or call us at 281-241-7125 today!

A Note from Mike Patterson Owner of Live Lean Rx Houston

I have always been a data analyst at heart. The understanding of data that I built as a professional helped me personally 12 years ago when, at 43 years old, I weighed 304 pounds and was in the worst shape of my life. When I realized weight loss was a math problem, I started running like Forrest Gump to burn calories and cut out the obvious: fast food, excess sugars, and fried foods. I lost 85 pounds, but I didn’t have much strength and I didn’t know yet that I probably lost a lot of lean tissue, too. In other words, I’d become ‘skinny fat’! I started strength training and, as I gained muscle, I felt better but something was missing and I was still about 25 pounds overweight. I started looking closely at what I ate and learned to track macronutrients. The combination of cardio, strength training, and a macro-balanced diet brought dramatic results. I lost another 15 pounds of weight, I put on visible muscle, and I was lean.
In 2016 I learned about DEXA scans. For the first time, I saw how much body fat, lean muscle tissue, and bone I had. I also had my metabolism measured and learned that I needed to eat more calories to gain the muscle I wanted. Imagine if I’d had access to these tools earlier! I could have avoided a lot of frustrating guess work. When I was ready for a follow up DEXA scan, I realized there were no providers in the south Houston area. In fact, the only two commercial providers were at least 30 miles away. These tools are commonly used within the medical community to help diagnose disease and disorders, but why should we wait until we’re sick if these tests can help a person prevent or reverse obesity-related diseases?
I’ve spent months working to overcome the challenges of complying with all regulations for these tests while keeping them affordably within reach of customers. With ongoing support from friends and family, I have opened the doors to what I believe will be an invaluable service to anyone looking for a better way to understand their bodies. Those close to me have playfully (and sometimes seriously!) questioned my decision to leave behind a successful technology career in favor of this new business. My answer is, “This IS a technology career!” and I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to apply it.
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