Want to Feel Great About Your Progress?

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Want to Feel Great About Your Progress?

So, you decided to get a DEXA scan but you’re wondering if you really need this Fit3D thing you’ve been hearing about. By now you probably already know that DEXA scans are considered the gold standard in measuring body fat and body composition. Your DEXA scan report gives you detailed information about how much body fat, muscle, and bone you have and it tells you precisely where you’re carrying it. We even measure your visceral fat! This should be all you need, right? Well… maybe.

DEXA is by far the best way to measure and track your progress – from the inside. Knowing you’re losing fat or gaining muscle is important and empowering! But let’s face it, we want to feel good about how we look, too. This is where our state-of-the-art Fit3D body scan system compliments your DEXA scans perfectly. Use your DEXA reports to monitor and track your health risks and changes happening inside your body while Fit3D helps you monitor your progress from the outside! How else can you get an objective look at your body from every angle?


What is Fit3D?

The Fit3D Pro Scanner is a 3D body scanner that uses specialized cameras to create a 360° three-dimensional computer model of your body.  Your Fit3D report will include your images and accurate measurements of your neck, chest/bust, arms, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. The measurements are so accurate that clothing designers have partnered with Fit3D to create custom clothes based on the results! You’ll also receive information about your posture and a score for your body shape rating so you can see how your body shape compares to others. After your first Fit3D scan, you’ll get access to a personalized portal where you can view each scan’s results and even compare 3D models side by side so you can see exactly how your body is changing over time.


What to Expect?

When you come in for your first Fit3D scan, the first thing you’ll do is create an online account with Fit3D. Your images are stored in your personal Fit3D portal, so we never see your images unless you choose to share them. If it’s your first time scanning, then someone from our team will explain the scan process to you. We even get on the scanner to demonstrate! The scan is done in minimal clothing for the most accurate measurements, so after the demo we’ll give you complete privacy to complete your scan. You’ll stand on the scanner platform, hold the handles, and stand tall and still while the platform rotates – and then you’re done! By the time you check out you’ll have an email letting you know your scan report is ready! It will take a couple of hours for Fit3D to compile your posture data, but you’ll receive an email to let you know when that’s ready, too.


Is it Safe?

While DEXA scans use a very lose dose of x-ray to measure your body composition, Fit3D uses infrared depth cameras to create the 3D models of your body. The technology is similar to other technology you’ve probably used before, like the Microsoft Kinect and iPhone X’s facial recognition feature. Fit3D’s testing has shown 3D scanning to be safe for pregnancy, implants, and pacemakers, but you can ask your medical care provider if you have any concerns. This also means you can repeat your Fit3D scan as often as you like without any added risks.

Visually tracking your progress is a fantastic way to stay motivated. Not only can you compare the change in your body measurements, but you’ll actually see where the inches have come off – or where you’ve grown if more muscle is your goal! Our competitive bodybuilding clients and our body transformation clients say that they can see progress in their scans even when they don’t recognize any changes in the mirror or in photos. Plus, the scanner is designed to position you the same way at every single scan to make comparisons even simpler. Nothing leaves you as excited about your hard work and continuing towards your goals like hard proof that your efforts are paying off!

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