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If you’ve never heard of fitness and metabolic testing then you might be a little overwhelmed about how to get started! Find the category that best describes you and learn which tests you should start with.

If you’re goal is to gain muscle or reduce body fat, or if you’ve hit a weight loss plateau…

Start with a DEXA body composition scan and a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test. Understanding your body composition and resting metabolism means you don’t have to guess anymore. You can use your test results to identify your body’s calorie and micronutrition requirements. We even make it easier with our free Macro Calculator, or you can schedule a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Session with our certified nutritionist to create a customized macro plan for you. Also consider Food Sensitivity testing to explore whether food sensitivities are behind bloating and inflammation that slow your progress.

If you’re an endurance athlete or if you’re improving your overall health by increasing your cardiovascular fitness…

Start with a VO2 Max test. Runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, and other endurance athletes can receive valuable information about their performance from a VO2 Max test. Learn your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds to fine tune your training programs. Or, measure your peak VO2 now to get personalized heart rate zones that allow you to tailor a HIIT program aimed to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Your VO2 Max is a key indicator of your overall health and wellness and it can be improved with an appropriate exercise program.

If you experience bloating, fatigue, joint pain, inflammation, or other signs of food sensitivities…

Start with a Food Sensitivity test, DEXA body composition scan, and Fit3D Body Scan. Our food sensitivity tests use IgG and IgA testing for more comprehensive results and can help you identify trigger foods. You’ll receive your results, a personalized wellness plan, and a review session with our certified nutritionist to ensure you understand how to make adjustments and feel better. Be sure to get a baseline DEXA scan before beginning your elimination diet so you can monitor changes and understand whether any resulting weight loss is from reduced body fat, muscle mass, or other causes like reduced inflammation. Your Fit3D baseline will allow you to visually compare how changes to bloating and inflammation affect your body shape.

If you’re recovering from an injury…

Start with a DEXA body composition scan. Injuries often result in muscle atrophy as take time off to rest and recover. This can lead to muscle asymmetry, which can create issues with the way you move during strength training, cardio training, or even just everyday movements. Your DEXA results will compare your left side of your body with your right side to show you where you may have an imbalance. This information will allow you to adjust your training program or to work more specifically with a personal trainer or physical therapist to strengthen weakened muscles, improve asymmetry, and reduce your risk of further injuries.

If you’re a health enthusiast, adventurist, or a curiosity seeker…

Start with the Live Lean Rx Starter Pack and get our four most popular tests at one appointment! Our starter pack includes a DEXA body composition scan, an RMR test, a VO2 Max test, and a Fit3D body scan for one very low price. We’ll help you understand how you can use your results based on your goals and your lifestyle.

Once you choose the right tests for you, you can book your appointment online. We recommend booking all of your tests during a single appointment for your convenience and to get our best pricing.

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