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Welcome to the new era in health, fitness and overall wellness, where the best clinical-caliper tests for body composition and metabolism are no longer limited to elite athletes, medical weight loss patients, or sports performance clinics.

We focus on body composition rather than weight loss. Your weight describes the relationship between your mass and gravity but it doesn’t describe how much of your body is muscle or body fat. More importantly, we think it’s your body composition that really defines how you look and feel. We believe in measuring, not estimating, the critical numbers of body composition and metabolism in order to get real results.

Our DEXA Scans provide a complete report of how much bone, muscle and fat are in your body. Knowing with accuracy how much body fat and how much muscle you have is critical to knowing what to eat and how to train. Understanding your body composition also allows you to precisely dial in your macronutrients for optimal health.

Once your DEXA scan report tells you what you’re made of, our Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test will accurately measure, not estimate, how many calories you burn at rest. An estimated 70 to 80% of all calories we use in a day are calories burned at rest. The remainder are used in your daily lifestyle activity (like doing laundry, walking through the parking garage, or mowing the lawn) and exercise activity to make up our total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). Measuring your RMR number instead of estimating means you know how many calories your body needs to accomplish the goal of a more fit you.

Our VO2 Max fitness test provides personalized target heart rate zones that precisely tells you how many calories you use during exercise. No more guessing at how many calories you’re burning! And no more relying on inaccurate cardio machines! The VO2 Max test is widely considered the best measure of fitness.

The Fit3D body scan may be new to you but once you try it you’ll understand why so many people love it. The Fit3D system allows you to see yourself in way you never have before. It provides precise measurements and a complete, 360-degree, high definition 3D model of your body! This means you get visual and numerical proof that when your body composition changes in a positive direction, so does your body shape!

When we put it all together it breaks down like this:

DEXA Scan – gives you a complete body composition analysis of bone, muscle and fat tissue. This is the ‘what is’ test or as we like to say ‘Find out what you’re made of’ test. DEXA tells you how your body looks from the inside. Whether you’re working a fitness and nutrition plan alone or with a trainer and nutritionist, DEXA scan follow-ups will provide proof that your program is working.

Fit3D Body Scan – tells you how your body looks from the outside. It’s also a ‘what is’ test and will provide exact external measurements of from neck to calves and it gives you a way to look at yourself holistically.

RMR Test – accurately reveals how many daily calories your body burns at rest – and that’s up to 70-80% of your daily calorie burn! Understanding your metabolism is critical to not over or under eating and where online calculators fail.

The VO2 Max test – provides the number of calories you burn while exercising. It also is the number one test for overall fitness.

When you understand what you’re made of and how many calories your body really needs, creating a personalized nutrition and fitness program gets incredibly easier. We like to say that losing or gaining weight is a math problem. At Live lean Rx we have the tools and the experience to do the math for you so you can focus, without guessing, on your goal and truly find a more fit you – and it’s all available in the heart of Clear Lake!


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